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Garage Door Springs
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The presence of garage door springs signifies the capacity of the door to open, close but also remain open at any height. This movement happens thanks to the springs. Since springs have almost full responsibility for the entire movement of the door, they must be selected in full accordance with the weight of the door. Extension springs for garage doors come in two and there is one extension spring at each side of the door. So, their power is divided in each side. If the door weighs 500 pounds, each spring must have force equivalent to 250 pounds. When the command is given for the door to open, the springs use the power stored among the stretched coils to counterbalance the door and lift it. A similar thing happens with torsion springs. The difference is that these types of springs create torque by spinning at only one side.

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Garage Door Springs in MinnesotaSprings work in a different way but no matter the task at hand, we work with thoroughness. Springs have one mission and this is related to the movement of the door. Garage Door Repair Lino Lakes has plenty of missions and fixing spring issues or even preventing them is one of them. Ardent technicians specialize in extension and torsion spring garage door systems, possess amazing experience, and the expertise to adjust, check, and replace springs of all types and brands. Do you have a Clopay torsion spring and need the best experts for its service? Undoubtedly, rely on our team.

Likewise, we are familiar with the special characteristics of all garage door springs since our obligation is to provide the best service. It is also our duty to respond swiftly to your call when there is a problem with the spring or when broken spring replacement is required. We deal with such issues at once! As a matter of fact, Garage Door Repair Lino Lakes deals with all spring issues with remarkable speed. Springs are essential to you but we are important, too. With our leading garage door repair torsion and extension spring service, assuredly you receive have peace of mind.

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